When you want to get somewhere fast in Windows Vista, knowing which shortcut key to use can save a lot of clicks, and time. Here’s a brief list of helpful shortcut keys to get you where you want to go today faster.
Managing WindowsNote: Win stands for Windows Logo Key.
Alt+F4 Close the active windowAlt+Tab Switch to previous active windowAlt+Esc Cycle through all open windowsWin+Tab Flip 3DCtrl+Win+Tab Persistent Flip 3DWin+T Cycle through applications on taskbar (showing its live preview)Win+M Minimize all open windowsWin+Shift+M Undo all window minimizationWin+D Toggle showing the desktop
Starting Programs
Win+1 Open the first program on your Quick Launch barWin+2 Open the second program on your Quick Launch barWin+n Open the nth program on your Quick Launch barWin+U Open the ease of access centerWin+F Open the search windowWin+E Open ExplorerWin+R Open the Run windowWin+B Move focus to notification tray (the right-most portion of the taskbar)Win+Pause Open the System Properties portion from the Control PanelCtrl+Shift+Esc Open Windows Task Manager
Logging In And OutWhile the below shortcuts seem unwieldy because of their length, they’re quite easy to remember once you try them out a few times. The symbol stands for the right arrow key. Win stands for Windows Logo Key.
Win, , , , Enter ShutdownWin, , , , U ShutdownWin, , , , R RestartWin, , Enter SleepWin, , , , W Switch UsersWin+L Locks computer
Viewing Folders With ExplorerAlt+ Go backAlt+ Go forwardAlt+ Go up a directoryAlt+D Move focus to address barAlt+D, Tab Move focus to search barAlt+Enter Open the Properties window of the current selectionCtrl+Mousewheel Change the view type (extra large, small, list view, detail, etc.)
Windows Sidebar And Gadgets
Windows Sidebar provides instant access to gadgets that display a huge variety personalized information. The below shortcuts allow you to navigate between these gadgets. I suggest just using this table as a reference, since people don’t need to navigate gadgets too often.
Move focus to Sidebar Win+SpaceCycle through visible gadgets Win+G