What is Google Chrome OS

Not long ago Google introduced their Google Chrome web browser, which was much faster than any other browser, and offered all the functionality needed, without the bloat of features rarely used. Google took this concept and applied it to their new operating system they call Google Chrome OS (operating system).
The concept with Chrome OS is to get rid of all the bloat and slowness caused by startup functions, and software applications, rarely used, and not needed if all you are using is a web browser. One software application left off the list in Chrome OS is Antivirus software, which isn’t needed because those who use Chrome OS use a web browser to access their applications, usually scanned for viruses, and those application are "stateless," meaning someone else stores and manages the application software on a network cloud of servers somewhere on the Internet, like Google offers through Google Apps.
The Chrome OS is another push by Google to get us all to use Google Apps, just like the Google G1 phone with Android was Google’s push to leverage Googles growing database, and associated apps, on mobile phones.
Although much of what Google does is all about getting us to use their products and services more, other companies can emulate Google’s stateless Internet cloud approach just as easily to take advantage of this ever expanding market.
Below are a couple of videos that can provide some idea of what Google Chrome OS does, and how it works.

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