Steve Ballmer Does Not Understand the iPhone

While promoting Windows 7 improvements Steve Ballmer scorned the idea that smart phones could unseat PCs as the technology of choice for on-the-go consumers saying:

“Let’s face it, the Internet was designed for the PC. The Internet is not designed for the iPhone. That’s why they’ve got 75,000 applications, they’re all trying to make the Internet look decent on the iPhone.”

Just a little correction. At the time Ballmer made this statement it was already well-known there are 85,000 apps. With the addition of new plugins for content management systems such as WordPress that allow sites to be viewed easily with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and other high-end phones, the 230,391,343 blogs that exist at this moment can be viewed easily, and those blogs look great. With the new plugins blogs don’t even have to make a special mobile friendly site anymore.
Try viewing NerdGrind in your high-end phone and you’ll see how wrong Ballmer is.
What’s worse for Microsoft investors is that Microsoft develops the Windows Mobile OS for phones, so maybe he meant the Internet doesn’t look good on Windows Mobile phones.
With the explosive growth of the iPhone and iPod Touch Ballmer might want to stop ignoring that market.
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