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Steve Ballmer Does Not Understand the iPhone

While promoting Windows 7 improvements Steve Ballmer scorned the idea that smart phones could unseat PCs as the technology of choice for on-the-go consumers saying:

“Let’s face it, the Internet was designed for the PC. The Internet is not designed for the iPhone. That’s why they’ve got 75,000 applications, they’re all trying to make the Internet look decent on the iPhone.”

Just a little correction. At the time Ballmer made this statement it was already well-known there are 85,000 read more

WordPress 2.8.5 Security Hardening Release

WordPress 2.8.5 is a security hardening release. Some of the notable changes are:

A fix for the Trackback Denial-of-Service attack that is currently being seen.

Removal of areas within the code where php code in variables was evaluated.

Switched the file upload functionality to be whitelisted for all users including Admins.

Retiring of the two importers of Tag data from old plugins.

If you aren’t seeing an upgrade banner message at the top of your WordPress Admin dashboard, go to Tools -> Upgrade read more

HSN Wii Fail

The Home Shopping Network host was demonstrating Wii tennis when his accessory flew into the TV. Yes he had the wrist strap secure, but not the plastic tennis racket attachment.
Always double check your wiimote, or you Wiil be sorry.

Translate RSS News Feed in Google Reader

If there are RSS news feeds you would like to subscribe to, and read, but they are written in a foreign language you don’t understand, there is a way to automatically translate those news feeds as you read them.

First login to Google Reader. Click Add a Subscription at the top left of the page, and add the news feed you need translated.
Now click on Feed settings, and select Translate into my language.

The translation isn’t perfect, but it’s better than not being able to read the news feed read more

Share Files and Folders and Printers Over a Network

If you have more than one computer, and the computers are networked, you probably want to share resources like files, folders, and printers over the network. As a rule of thumb it makes no difference if the network is wired, wireless, or both, or even if the computers connect through a router or access point, the computers only see network devices.
There are now printers that have an ethernet port, or a radio to wirelessly connect to an access point, but you may also have an old fashioned read more

Share a Printer Files and Folders Over a Wired or Wireless Network Through a Firewall

On my home network I have a Cisco Linksys Simultaneous Dual-N Band Wireless Router that has a built-in firewall, and I run McAfee Security Center that also includes a firewall for each machine it is installed on. I tried sharing files and folders, and printers, between a wired PC and a wireless PC, but was denied. It makes no difference on a network if the PCs are wired or wireless, because they all look the same on the network, and use the same protocols.
Since I could see the other PC read more

Clone or Copy My Hard Drive with Norton Ghost

When upgrading your hard drive to a bigger faster hard drive the Norton Ghost utility called Copy My Hard Drive can make the upgrade quick, easy, and painless. Copy My Hard Drive used to be referred to as cloning the hard drive.
First we’ll need to prepare the new hard drive. Click the Windows Start button -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management.

When Disk Management is opened after a new hard drive is installed the Initialize Disk dialog read more

Campaign Tracking YOURLS in Google Analytics

YOURLS is a URL shortening service you can run on your own server, and it comes with a WordPress plugin called YOURLS WordPress to Twitter. In the past I’ve used WP to Twitter, but since it doesn’t support YOURLS I’ve had to switch.
I’ve asked the author of YOURLS WordPress to Twitter to add Google Analytics Campaign Tracking Code with a custom field for authors to add their own identifier, but he has been too busy updating the YOURLS scripts, so I’ve hacked the plugin code to read more

Upgrading YOURLS and Database Upgrade Errors Fix

Today YOURLS 1.4 was released, but the database upgrade script created some errors for some people, dead links, and the stats are not working. We can fix all that. Be sure to logout of the old version you will be upgrading from before starting the upgrade, or you might see the Install YOURLS page and link, rather than the Upgrade YOURLS page and link. First lets go over the changes in the config.php file.

There have been some changes to the config.php file, which you will create read more

Setup Outlook for IMAP with Gmail

Outlook is a great program to manager calendars, RSS feeds, contacts, to-do lists, and email. There are two options for email, POP, or POP3, and IMAP. POP3 allows email to be downloaded to your local computer, and a copy left on the server, or deleted after downloading. Today we will setup IMAP in Outlook for use with Gmail. You could setup IMAP on one computer, and POP3 on another, while setting it to leave all messages on the server.
IMAP allows you to view your mail and mail folders on read more

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