Introducing Google TV

Google has teamed up with Sony and Logitech to make your TV smarter with a little thing called Google TV.
Google is once again leveraging their search technology to make it easier to find the TV shows you want to watch, but they are also hoping to serve you little unobtrusive ads in the process, which will hopefully help boost their bottom line. Google has already been selling TV ads, not just web ads, for quite a while through Google AdWords, and this endeavor will boost those ads further.
Any self respecting nerd will tell you all you have to do is hook up your laptop to your TV, and your problem is solved, but they leave out the fact that Google is customizing your television plus web search in a way your laptop can’t.
This fall Google TV devices, which include Televisions and set-top-boxes, will go on sale at Best Buy. Now watch Microsoft add this feature to their XBox 360 using Bing to find your shows.
Google knows not everyone will buy into this so they will no doubt upgrade YouTube to offer more live TV, and offer Google TV search for free to people with Internet access from any device, including desktops, laptops, iPads, iPhones, etc.
I often wonder why companies like Microsoft haven’t done this, it’s not like they can’t, it seems they are just too busy doing something else revolutionary that we haven’t heard about, and probably never will. Being secretive keeps companies that have already been in trouble with the government off their radar.

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