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Introducing Google TV

Google has teamed up with Sony and Logitech to make your TV smarter with a little thing called Google TV.
Google is once again leveraging their search technology to make it easier to find the TV shows you want to watch, but they are also hoping to serve you little unobtrusive ads in the process, which will hopefully help boost their bottom line. Google has already been selling TV ads, not just web ads, for quite a while through Google AdWords, and this endeavor will boost those ads further.
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Google to End Chinese Censorship or Shutdown Google China after Gmail Attacks

Google is getting back to their "Don’t Be Evil" motto after there were attacks on human rights activist accounts on their Chinese Gmail servers. Google has announced that these attacks created so much concern over the lack of free speech, and censorship in China, they would no longer be censoring their search results on
As a result Google acknowledged they may no longer be able to operate legally in China, and have informed their 700 staff there that the read more

Dell Catalog 2010

Dell has published their new catalog for 2010, and it’s loaded with a lot of good deals. The mini laptops are priced just right for kids, and adults looking to save. My favorite for laptops is LoJack, which I use for my laptop.
With the introduction of the 64 bit version of Windows 7, desktop computers now come standard with 8 GB of RAM.
This is a great time to buy a new computer, but I’ll be waiting until the new USB 3 ports come out, at least I hope I can wait that long.

Canonical Link Element Helps Clean Up Duplicate Content for Better SEO

Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo have added support for the new Canonical Link element to help identify a link to content on your site where all traffic should land when more than one link exists to the same content. The Canonical Link will be used for the search engine index, and sitemap URLs will still be used when there is a tie between more than one URL link.
WordPress 2.9 has now integrated the rel=”canonical” link element, which will display between the “head” tags, read more

Cannot Create New Ad Network Order in Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager is a great platform to serve ads, but it has a few bugs that Google still has not addressed. Personally I was able to add New Order, and New Ad Network Order, to create some orders, but then I started seeing the error:

"A company with this name already exists. Choose a unique company name."

This was a new company that I hadn’t used before, yet I kept getting this error after I tried to create a New Ad Nework from the drop-down-menu, which had not happened before. I read more

What is Google Chrome OS

Not long ago Google introduced their Google Chrome web browser, which was much faster than any other browser, and offered all the functionality needed, without the bloat of features rarely used. Google took this concept and applied it to their new operating system they call Google Chrome OS (operating system).
The concept with Chrome OS is to get rid of all the bloat and slowness caused by startup functions, and software applications, rarely used, and not needed if all you are using is a read more

Family Guy Windows 7 Microsoft Promotion Videos

Microsoft had contracted Family Guy to make some funny Windows 7 promotional video clips, but after the show did a more than usual controversial show that Microsoft execs attended, they decided the show’s values were not consistent with Microsoft’s Windows brand.
Microsoft did publish the four video tape clips on their YouTube Windows channel.

Black Friday Sales

The Black Friday 2009 sales are upon us from Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Kmart, Toys R Us, Apple, Dell, and many other retailers will be having massive sales. Don’t miss them.
If you didn’t get the Black Friday Flyers in the mail from Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Kmart, Toys R Us, Apple, Dell you can find them all on

Power Defragmenter for Windows 7 and Windows Vista and Windows XP based on Contig

If you’ve noticed your computer getting slower over time you might need to defragment the files and folders on your hard drive. From Windows XP forward a basic defragmenter was included, but it was very poor. Microsoft did include a Windows defragmentation API that could be hooked into to provide better defragmentation.
The reason you might want to defragment your hard drive using something other than the included software would be to defrag files 64 MB and smaller, which are ordinarily read more

Facebook Notifications Software for the Desktop Download

A .NET desktop application called Facebook Notifications 2 can make it much easier to check for pokes, messages, events, friend requests, notices, and more, without logging into every time.

Once installed the program will place a small icon in your tray from which you can find out all that is happening in your Facebook account.
Click here to download this app.

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