Windows Vista introduced RSS support which included the Common Feed List. This list of RSS feeds is built whenever a news feed is subscribed to with Internet Explorer. The list is shared with some Windows Sidebar gadgets, and Outlook 2007…

The Microsoft created Windows Sidebar gadget already has a list of Microsoft related RSS Feeds, but no clear way to add RSS Feeds.

When an RSS feed is added in Internet Explorer the Windows Sidebar gadget will show the new feed in the list. To add a feed use Internet Explorer to go to a web page that has the link for the RSS feed, and click the Feeds button to view the feeds on the page.

Once the news feed page loads you can click the link in the upper left corner to Subscribe to this feed. Now you’ll see the feed in the Windows Sidebar RSS gadget.

To remove an RSS news feed from the Common Feed List, which will also remove the feed from the Windows Sidebar RSS gadget, click the Favorites icon on the Internet Explorer tool bar or use the shortcut keys Alt+C.

Now click the Microsoft Feeds folder to expand it, and remove those plus any other feeds you want to remove. If you click on the feed it will allow you to view it. Once you add a feed you’ll want to change some of the settings, so right click the feed and choose properties.

The default update schedule is to check for new updates every 24 hours. Click settings and change the time to every 1 hour, which is the default for most other programs that handle RSS feeds. With the every hour setting you won’t be stuck reading yesterday’s news every day.

If you’re going to use a news reader choose something more robust like Outlook 2007, or Omega Pro which is free. Click here to download Omega. Click here to see how to setup Outlook 2007 for an RSS news feed.
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