Month: January 2010

Google to End Chinese Censorship or Shutdown Google China after Gmail Attacks

Google is getting back to their "Don’t Be Evil" motto after there were attacks on human rights activist accounts on their Chinese Gmail servers. Google has announced that these attacks created so much concern over the lack of free speech, and censorship in China, they would no longer be censoring their search results on
As a result Google acknowledged they may no longer be able to operate legally in China, and have informed their 700 staff there that the read more

Dell Catalog 2010

Dell has published their new catalog for 2010, and it’s loaded with a lot of good deals. The mini laptops are priced just right for kids, and adults looking to save. My favorite for laptops is LoJack, which I use for my laptop.
With the introduction of the 64 bit version of Windows 7, desktop computers now come standard with 8 GB of RAM.
This is a great time to buy a new computer, but I’ll be waiting until the new USB 3 ports come out, at least I hope I can wait that long.

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