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Stop Indexing Service in Windows Vista and Windows 7 and Windows XP

This article will help computer users who have found their computer getting slower and slower over the years. It’s when a person’s computer starts to slow down that they notice ads, like the example below, asking if their computer has slowed down, and then tries to sell them software to remove worms, viruses, spyware, malware, and to optimize your computer, whatever that means, but most often the problem is just a bloated Windows index database.

As the years go by, and you add more and more read more

How to Enable Administrative Tools

Some installations of Windows Vista and Windows 7 hide the administrative tools so they don’t appear on the All Programs menu list, forcing you to go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools. There’s an easy way to unhide the administrative tools so they appear in your All Programs menu list.
First right click on the Windows Start button, and click Properties.

On the Start Menu tab, next to Start menu click the Customize button.

Scroll down almost to the bottom of the Customize Start Menu read more

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

Windows 7 will go on sale October 22. Will your PC be ready? To find out download the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor to see if your hardware, and software, are compatible. Click here to download. Click here to read more information about the Upgrade Advisor before downloading.
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Starbucks iPhone App Allows Customers to Buy Food and Drinks

Starbucks has released in app for the iPhone, so now besides getting free wi-fi from AT&T hotspots, you can now buy your coffee and songs from Apple iTunes at the same time.
Now available in the App Store, myStarbucks, and Starbucks Card Mobile let users find their nearest Starbucks and manage their Starbucks Card. If you live near one of 16 stores in the Seattle or San Francisco Bay Area, you can even pay for your purchases with the Starbucks Card Mobile app via barcode.

Some may argue that read more

MMS Ad Can Now be Viewed by iPhone Customers

The Lowe Ginkgo agency in Montevideo created an ad for a new deodorant to be launched in Uruguay. The ad was placed in magazines that edited the best parts, but had this message for frustrated readers:

To complete this ad send AXE to 2345 after 9 pm.

Once the server received the SMS text message it replied with a MMS picture of the model from the ad without the editing, so the best parts could now be viewed.
Absolutely genius.

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How To Fix Broken Links and 404 Error Page Redirects in WordPress

WordPress now has the ability to redirect old article links and titles to the new correct page, provided you’re using the latest version of WordPress, but what about 404 pages?
When a link is truly broken, and WordPress can’t already fix it automatically, you might as well just deal with the visit to your site as a 404 error page. There are plu gins out there that require manual input to redirect traffic, but is the broken link getting so much traffic that you need to go to all that read more

Google Back on the Road to High Stock Values

Over the past year Google has weathered a recession, and the loss of former sales boss Tim Armstrong, who is now the CEO of AOL.
In case you trade stock here’s a special note. Merriman Curhan Ford analyst Richard Fetyko, initiated coverage of Google (goog) with a SELL rating on November 21, 2008 when the stock was trading at $260, just days before the stock’s 52-week low. Since then, shares have more than doubled. Fetyko did upgrade the stock to "neutral" when it reached $328 read more

Bionic Eye app for the iPhone 3GS with Augmented Reality

Bionic Eye is an App developed for the iPhone 3GS by Dutch startup Layar. The app allows you to visualize nearby points of interest. The POI database is currently at 100,000, but the next version, coming soon, promises more POI, and faster loading.
Bionic Eye does not require any network connection, but it will work on the iPhone and iPod Touch with some functionality limited for older firmware.
The versions available are listed below by country:
Bionic Eye USABionic Eye UKBionic read more

Upgrade from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail

Microsoft is quietly migrating all their basic applications to Windows live. Windows Mail users, who might be experiencing a slow mail client experience, can now upgrade for free to Windows Live Mail. Windows 7 will not support Windows mail, so if you plan to upgrade to Windows 7, then it’s a good idea to upgrade from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail now. We’ll walk you through the upgrade process.

First click here to download Windows Mail. The Windows Live web site can be found here. After read more

Google Turns 11 Years Old

Google is now eleven years old on Sunday September 27.
Google’s official birthday isn’t exactly clear. Some say the company was born on September 15th 1997, the day the domain was registered. The Google incorporation paperwork was filed on September 4th, but Google has been known to celebrate on both September 7th and September 27th.
To explain the inconsistency, the company’s FAQ once said:

“Google opened its doors in September 1998. The exact date when we celebrate our birthday read more

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