Month: August 2009

Add An Arrow to WordPress Read More Link

Helping readers navigate your site with ease will improve their experience, and help to improve your page views. Whether you use the "Read more" link a lot, or a little, it’s important to make it easy to see, and easy for readers to understand it’s use.
The default WordPress theme comes with a "Read more »," which is rather bland. Although there are many more complicated ways to improve the "Read more" link, here’s a quick and easy way to improve it.
read more

Avatar Movie Trailer is Online Here

The first official movie trailer for Avatar, which hits theaters on December 18, has been released. The trailer below isn’t very good quality, but there is a much higher quality French MSN version here.
Although Apple has been hyping the download, and viewing, of the trailer from their site here, and the direct download of the HQ version here, the links are dead right now.

From what I’ve see so far I’m not sure yet how good the story is. Even the 3D special effects are leaving me wondering read more

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