Month: December 2008

Nikon S60 Face Detection Ads

The Nikon S60 can detect up to 12 faces. These ads for the Nikon S60 show some entertaining ways of getting the face detection point across. Euro RSCG Singapore came up with a similar ad campaign that show people in the wilderness getting their picture taken, and in the background you could see, thanks to the face detection, the faces of gnomes and fairies.

Android Software Keyboard on G1

This is a demonstration of the Android’s Software Keyboard on a G1 phone. The Software Keyboard is from the cupcake development branch of Android.

RIAA Ends Mass Music Piracy Lawsuits

The good news is the Recording Industry Association of America will drop current lawsuits against those they allege are downloading music illegally. The bad new is the RIAA will still sue downloaders if they don’t stop illegal downloading after they receive a warning from their ISP, or if the ISP doesn’t disconnect the downloader. Here’s more:

The Recording Industry Association of America said on Friday it had abandoned mass lawsuits against Internet users who steal music, and instead would read more

R2-D2 Chorus Line

The ever lovable R2-D2 home robot can now deliver more than just a cup of coffee. Witness the R2-D2 chorus line.

Wii Thrown into a TV – Video

This is why wrist straps are worn while playing Wii. When the guy calls for momma it just makes me feel sad.

TriBook MacBook Laptop with Three LCD Screens

Apple has leaked a concept art picture of a MacBook laptop they call a TriBook, because it has three LCD screens. There is also a trackpad, or touchpad, that spans the length of the TriBook, which is a bad idea because you might want to use the keyboard and rest your hands on the touchpad. So far this is only a concept, which needs work.

Etre Touchy iPhone Gloves

Etre Touchy gloves for the iPhone are the perfect Christmas gift for the frustrated iPhone user. The gloves come with the thumb and index fingers cut off to navigate your iPhone, iTouch, or iPod. At around $23, they are on the expensive side, but if you already forked out the money for an iPhone, then $23 won’t seem like much. If you’re a bargain shopper you could just cut off the thumb and index finger of some cheap $5 gloves, but make sure you’re not wearing them when you pull out the read more

Gmail Desktop Gadget Now Available

Google has released a new Gmail desktop gadget, for Windows only, that provides access to your Gmail account with all the features you’d find by logging into Gmail directly. With the new Gmail gadget you can read, search, send, star messages, archive, open, report as spam, and more. Right click is also enabled for more options. The shortcut options found in the web-based Gmail are also available. To log into different accounts you can run multiple instances of the gadget.
The Gmail gadget read more

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