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Report Indicates that Robots Will Be Able to Perform Menial Jobs by 2025

According to a new report from the National Intelligence Council, robots will be able to replace people in a series of menial jobs by the year 2025. The report dictates that an influx of robo-workers will "disrupt unskilled labor markets," with robots taking jobs currently performed by migrant workers, high school students and the like.
Additionally, the report states that emerging technologies could be used to assist humans to perform tasks such as caring for the elderly. The read more

Pixel Qi Laptop CEO Claims Forthcoming Laptop Will Run 20 to 40 Hours on Single Charge

Mary Lou Jespen, the XO Laptop designer and OLPC’s CTO before leaving to found Pixel Qi, has grand ambitions for her mythical $75 laptop. The company is working on a laptop that will be able to run on for 20 to 40 hours on a single battery charge. Sounds like magic, but they assure us it is just old fashioned science.
The laptop will boast incredible efficiency, thanks to an LCD that can switch to a monochrome view to conserve energy. She offers no concrete details other than that regarding read more

Man Hacks Nintendo GameCube Controller for Use on the Wii – Video

Everyone has a few old GameCube controllers laying around. Rather than throwing out the cash one of those Classic Controllers for your Wii in order to play some of that retro content, why not give this hack a try instead?
It allows you to convert ancient Cube controllers into Wii-ready peripherals. The hack does require the purchase of a PIC18F4520 microcontroller, though. Which may just offset the price of the hack in the first price. Still, the video is intriguing at least.

Joost Introduces iPhone App That Streams Videos and Movies

Joost may have lost the online video war to Hulu a while ago, but they may have won the battle to bring the format to iPhones. The company has released a new iPhone app which streams over 46,000 videos for free, including full movies such as Men in Black and Starship Troopers.
Reviewers indicate that the app crashes more often than they’d like, and the navigation UI is a bit wonky. Still, having 46,000 movies at your fingertips wherever you are at any time is enough to deal with early read more

$168,000 Hario Speaker Set Will Play Pink Floyd Like You Have Never Heard Them Before

Japanese high-end audio manufacturer has managed to one-up even themselves with the release of their $168,000 speaker set. It’s a good thing too. This is just what we need with the recession and all. I kid.
Anyway, the system boasts a sub woofer, two mid-range drivers and a pair of acrylic tweeters. The whole thing comes encased in heat-resistant glass, you know just in case the song rocks too hard. The package will run consumers 16 million yen, which amounts to about $168,000 in American read more

Nikon D3x Medium-Format Camera Gets Formally Announced – Specs Leaked

The long rumored and medium-format friendly Nikon D3x will be profiled in an upcoming issue of Nikon Pro Magazine. The information has leaked and details have surfaced regarding the coming super-camera. The features list is exhausted, including 24.5-megapixels, 51-point autofocus and a 922,000-dot LCD screen. Here are some more specs:
• World’s highest-res SLR with Live View• 51-point MultiCAM3500FX autofocus system• Scene Recognition System• Expeed 16-bit processing to handle read more

Linux Finally Ported to Apple iPhone and iPod Touch – Video

Linux has finally been ported to the iPhone and iPod touch. Several independent developers have masterminded the project, bringing everyone’s favorite open-source OS to Apple’s handhelds. It may not offer any touchscreen drivers, sound or WiFi support, its still the first step to hack heaven.
The team also has dropped hints that they may be thinking about porting Android in the near future. Below is a video of how to get the OS going on your iPhone and yeah, thank us later. Happy holidays.
read more

Black Friday Bloodshed Again – WalMart Worker Trampled to Death by Crazed Shoppers

News sources indicate that a 34-year old WalMart employee was trampled to death as he tried to hold back the crowds at a Long Island store at 5 am on Black Friday. The crowd took the doors off their hinges and stormed the store, crushing the employee in the process.
WalMart has received justifiable flack for not having a line system in place, nor any security. The crowds were able to surge through the doors and crush the employee all too easily. More on this as it develops:

read more

Nokia Pulls Out of Japan – Cites Dwindling Sales

Nokia has pulled out of the Japanese cellphone market, sources indicate. The global giant has decided to exit Japan, where they occupy only 1% of market share, because of dwindling sales. Nokia Vice President Timo Ihamuotila says, "We have judged that we cannot continue to invest in product development just for Japan amid the current tough economic conditions."
The company will continue to sell its luxury Vertu brand in the country though.
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Britain Bans iPhone Ad – Claims It Is Misleading

The British Advertising Standards Authority has banned another Apple iPhone ad. This one apparently fibs regarding the speed of the device, which you can see below. Britain claims it is a misleading ad. Watch it and see for yourself:

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