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Hubble Space Telescope Returns – Scientists Plan Extensive Fix in April

The Hubble Telescope, which was nearly lost this month due to old age and a faulty board, has resumed regular operations today. It has since sent back some photographs, including the gorgeous one above of a pair of galaxies. A mission to replace the Science Instrument Command and Data Handling unit(SIC&DH), the system with the faulty board, is planned for April of next year. Until then, Hubble will be sending images using backup systems.
The replacement SIC&DH will undergo extensive read more

G1 Ripped Open to Find Same Trackball that RIM Uses – Panasonic Board

The G1 has gone through a teardown so we can see what makes it tick. Several surprises were unearthed during the teardown, including that the trackball is basically identical to what RIM uses. Also of note: Panasonic built the main board and the compass was built by Asahi Kasei. Detractors note that the keyboard element seems too thin; ditto for the plastic bar connecting the sliding display to the phone.
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FCC Documents Announce that Nokia N85 Coming to North America

It’s official, the Nokia N85 is bound for North American shores. Some FCC documents advertise the forthcoming release by making the User Guide and SAR report part of the public record. Nokia has yet to officially release pricing or a release date yet though.
The Nokia N85 is a handset that features a bright OLED display, a series of audio functions and a full-fledged GPS service.

London Continues to be Leader in World WiFi Access

London continues to be the world capital of WiFi with 12,276 access points, according to the new edition of the annual Wireless Security Survey conducted by RSA. The survey notes that London managed to beat New York City by over 3,000 access points. Paris, however, managed to beat out everyone in the year-by-year increase category. The city featured a 543 percent gain over last year.
NYC did manage to stay on top in the "corporate encryption" category, with about 97 percent of read more

HP Releases Mini 1000 Netbook – To Offer Linux Option

HP is attempting to revive the sluggish netbook market with it’s Mini 1000 netbook. The Mini 1000 will offer an aggressive price point, a polished Linux OS and a skinny aesthetic. As rumored, the Mini 1000 will be ditching VIA an sticking with an Atom 1.6GHz N270 processor. The system will also offer a 10.2-inch display at 1024 x 600 resolution. HP is offering 512MB, 1GB and 2GB RAM configurations, but those with Windows XP will be limited to just 1GB. On the storage front, the company offers read more

Google and Nasa to Develop Interplanetary Internet

OK, well not really. Google and Nasa have began working on a solution to replace the old-n-busted radio equipment system that was developed back in the ’70s.
The project is called "Interplanetary Internet" and will be tested on the International Space Station sometime in 2009.
I think this is friggin cool but I don’t want to see Mission Specialists playing "World of Warcraft" from space!

Motorola Releases MOTONAV TN20 and TN30 GPS Devices

Motorola has released two GPS navigators, the MOTONAV TN20 and TN30. The TN20 provides spoken street names and turn-by-turn directions. The unit also offers NAVTEQ 2D / 3D maps of the United States and a 3.5-inch touch panel. The TN30 takes all of those features and adds in maps of Puerto Rico and Canada, along with four million searchable points of interest and a 4.3-inch touchscreen. The TN30 also features Bluetooth headsfree support.
Both units include an SD slot for updating maps, a read more

Dell Launches the Inspiron Mini 12 in Japan

Dell has released a new member of it’s popular Inspiron Mini line, the Mini 12. The netbook is only available in Japan, but that will change soon. The computer comes with either a 1.3 GHz Atom Z520 processor or a 1.6GHz Atom Z530 processor. It can sport a hard drive up to 80GBs. It has 1GB of RAM, bluetooth functionality and WiFi. There is also a 12-inch 1280 x 800 display. Amazingly, it weighs only 2.72 pounds and is less than one inch thick.
It hits the States late next month with a read more

Casio 8.1 Megapixel W63CA – 480 x 800 Pixel OLED – Only in Japan

November will see the release of the Casio 8.1 megapixel W63CA Exilim cellphone in Japan. The flip-top super-phone features a 480 x 800, 3.1-inch OLED display. Yeah, that’s right. 384,000 pixels on a display that tiny. The phone’s camera features a wide-angle lens, 9-point auto focus, face detection, anti-shake and a video mode that records VGA video at 30fps. Everything saves on to your standard microSD card. The phone comes in several colors, shown below, and no firm price has been announced read more

WorldHistory Beta Offers New Interface For Historical Content

WorldHistory, a new product from Utah-based Family Link, has just entered it’s private beta phase. The interesting interface allows users to pick a location on a map to see historical events that occurred there. You can even set a date range to see events that happened during those years. The program also allows you to enter your own ancestors and genealogy information to the site, say if you had an ancestor that fought in a historic battle.
The program, for the most part, accesses Wikipedia read more

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