Month: September 2008

T-Mobile G1 Android Google Phone Video Tour

The new HTC G1 Android Google phone has a lot of features you might not know about yet, so here’s a few videos to get you up-to-speed. With the release of the G1, the iPhone now has real competition. Although the G1 has less disk storage space than iPhone, G1 does have a USB port that will probably offer the ability to access all types of files, including audio and video, from a thumb drive plugged into it.
I wonder if T-Mobile will sell me the G1 Android without a contract? If not, we’ll read more

Dell Releases M109S Pocket Projector

Dell is releasing their first handheld projector. At only 3.64" x 4.12" x 1.46" / 0.80 lbs, it is one of the smallest projectors on the market. It produces a 858×600 image, which is fairly decent considering that you could hold this in the palm of your hand for a presentation. Then again, the maximum projection distance before it starts looking crappy is 8 feet. For $500, don’t expect to be picking this up at your local supermarket for some sweet gaming on that oversize wall read more

Apple Makes iPhone Developer University, Gives Free Stuff to Colleges

Apple has just opened up its development software to universities. Not only that, they’re making it freely available with SDK software and hardware so that different colleges can get up to 200 units for any programs that the schools have. Now colleges can have free labor students make iPhone and iPod applications that can be released to the mass market, as well as learning how to program specifically for the platforms. It’s the ultimate proof that Apple is not a hardware or software company, read more

Xbox Live Offline September 29th

Xbox Live will be offline on September 29th, at 12:01am, according to Microsoft’s Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb. It will be offline for "up to 24 hours" for maintenance, in preparation for the coming fall update. The update will not be the complete overhaul we’ve seen much of over the last few months. Hyrb also points out that most of will also be offline, with the main exception of the forums, which will be read only. All this means that the 29th is the perfect day read more

Madcatz Shows Off Portable Rock Band Drums

HTC G1 Shows Off Android

The HTC G1 is the first cellphone, from T-Mobile, that will feature Google’s Android operating system. Considering how simple the interface looks, compared to our lovable iPhones…let’s just say Android is still in the game.
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Samsung Unveils HZ1 Point and Shoot with 10x Optical Zoom

45nm Cell Processors Coming Next Year

The Cell processor, still one of the most powerful CPUs on the market, will be making the jump to 45 nm early next year, according to Japanese news outlet Business Line. Sony and Toshiba will begin using them immediately for their TV lines, and Sony will be able to integrate the smaller chip into the PlayStation 3, possibly lowering the price after the holiday season.
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