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Vista Shell Commands List and How To Use Them

Shell commands provide quick access to many folders locations. For example, you can use the command:

shell:My Music

… to open your music folder. You can then create shortcuts to that folder, from that folder, find out where that folder is located, create new folders inside that folder, or even move files to and from that folder.
To use a shell command copy and paste, or type the shell command, into the Start Search box …

or the Run box…

and hit enter. Go ahead and try the shell:My Music command.
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Where is the Flip 3D Icon?

A copy of the Flip 3D icon is present in each user profile, and also in the Default user profile.
Follow these steps to restore the icon to your user account. Click Start, type the following into either the search box, or run box, and press Enter:

%systemdrive%’Users’Default’AppData’Roaming’Microsoft’Internet Explorer’Quick Launch

Right-click the Switch between windows shortcut and choose Copy (Keyboard shortcut: CTRL+C). Click Start, type the following into either the search box, read more

What if Windows Vista does not have Flip 3D? Alternative to Flip 3D

The Flip3D feature is available only in Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate versions. You must have Aero running to be able to use Flip 3D. If your version of Windows Vista does not have Flip3D, you can try the free alternative SmartFlip. Click here to download SmartFlip. If you want to spend $20 you can also get TopDesk which has more features than Flip 3D. Click here to get TopDesk. The features of Otaku Software TopDesk include:

Displays thumbnails of all applications, read more

How to Create a New Music Folder

How to Create a New Music Folder

If you’ve just realized iTunes isn’t working anymore, or you can’t find your music folder, because "I deleted my music folder," and you need to create a new music folder shortcut, then I’ve got a solution.
First click Start, then locate Music on the Start Menu.

The Start Menu Music item cannot be deleted, so it’s always there when you need it. Just hold down your left mouse button on the Start Menu Music item, and drag it out onto the desktop.

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Flip 3D Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are the keyboard shortcuts to use with Flip 3D.
Windows Logo Key+Tab: Keep the Windows key pressed down and repeatedly hit on the Tab key to be able to flip through the windows. You can also use the arrow key to move back and forth through the open windows, along with the mouse scroll wheel.
Windows Logo Key+CTRL+Tab: After pressing all three keys at the same time, you can take your fingers off the Windows logo and Ctrl keys, and hit on tab only, to scroll the windows. Hit enter read more

Flip 3D is Not Working

If Flip3D has stopped working, then copy and paste the following command into either Vista’s Start Menu Search box, or run box, and hit Enter.

rundll32.exe Dwmapi.dll,DwmEnableComposition

This will re-enable Aero by flushing it.

Wireless Networking Frequently Asked Questions for Windows Vista

Here are answers to some common questions about wireless networks, and wireless networking with Windows Vista.
What is a wireless network?
A network can be one computer connected to the Internet, or two or more computers connected to each other (and also to the Internet). In a wireless network, the computers are connected by radio signals instead of wires or cables. Advantages of wireless networks include mobility and no unsightly wires. Disadvantages can include a slower connection read more

What Do I Need to Set up a Home Network with Windows Vista?

The variety of options for home networking can make buying decisions difficult. Before you decide what hardware to get, you should decide what type of network technology (the way computers in a network connect to or communicate with one another) to use. This article describes and compares the most common network technologies and lists hardware requirements for each.
Note: This information could be applied to almost any operating system.
Network technologies
The most common types read more

Run Command Line Prompt as Administrator in Windows Vista

Sometimes you want to perform a task that requires an Administrator command line prompt, so how do you get to the Administrator command line prompt? A regular user command line prompt looks like this:

Now here is an example of an Administrator command line prompt. Not how it says Administrator in the top left, and instead the operating from the User directory, the Administrator window operates from the system32 directory.

There are two ways to load the Administrator command line prompt window.
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How to Setup a Home Network

Before you start: To decide what type of network to set up or to find out what hardware and cables you need, see What you need to set up a home network. That topic has information about the different types of networks (also known as network technologies), as well as hardware requirements for each type.
Once you know what type of network you want and have the necessary hardware, there are four possible steps to take (two of these are not always required):
1. Install any necessary hardware.2. read more

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