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Dell Dresses Up the XPS M1730

The Dell XPS series notebooks have always been colorful. I remember being mesmerized by the blue lights on the original. It looks like Dell’s not cutting any corners on the XPS 1730. Shown here is Red, but there will also be options of Sapphire Blue, Bone White, or Smoke Grey. Nifty.

Yes, It Is What It Looks Like: A Moped Lamp

Yes, there are antiquities collectors out there who would kill for a lamp made of genuine Vespa moped parts. Those folks would be willing to pay between $1772 and $2044 for one, probably. They’re made by a Mr. Leopardi, who does so by hand, and so the price is understandable. The market size? Now, that’s another matter entirely.
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Something from The Last Mimsy

Here’s a wild idea for a design concept: put together a speaker with 12 sides, otherwise known as a dodecahedron, and you’ll get a 360-degree blast of music. These spacy-looking Quasar speakers send their sound all over the place, so no matter where you are in the room, their sweet audio will be spilling out from within their crystalline confines, heading right for your ears.

PhysX 100M Processor

Ageia launched the PhysX 100M processor for "high-performance" gaming laptops to operate, "with power dissipation of nearly 10W under gameplay conditions for the most intensely realistic gaming and entertainment experience to PC gamers". For high-end, almost un-portable laptops.

Dell XPS 410 Gets CableCARD

As a heavy user of my own PVR, I’ve been hankering to convert to a system with CableCARD support. It’s just plain silly to pay the $6.00/month for a cable receiver, and then futz around with the IR blaster (which inevitably gets out of synch right when I’m ready to start recording). No, I’d rather just plug in that CableCARD and let my PVR software do its stuff. So, Dell, your XPS 410 might have just jumped to the top of the list for my upcoming upgrade. The premium’s not even all that read more

More Inflatable Clothing

More Inflatable Clothing

Posted on August 18, 2007 at 8:04 am (PST)

We had the dress that becomes an inflated chair and now we have the sound-activated inflatable shirt that blows a balloon for one second.
Designed by Tomoko Ueyama, this Watashi-chan inflatable shirt responds to six frequency bands of sound, even one human ears can’t hear.
Watch out for those dog whistles.

Magic Carpet

imagine a carpet that quietly cleans up the air around you. It’s called Puralex, a high-tech odor neutralizer introduced by commercial carpet manufacturer Beaulieu Commercial. According to Beauilieu, Puralex breaks down and destroys these airborne pollutants. Don’t ask me how it’s done, but the carpet is made from 100% recycled bottles and materials, and somehow this rug bonds to air borne pollutants and cleans the air. Wild huh? My only question is: Did Harry Potter make this? Because it read more

Polaroid Returns – Question is, Why?

Moon May Take On Proper Role in Lighting Our Streets

For centuries now, the Moon has complained–to deaf ears, until now–that it could be providing all the street light we need, most of the time. No need for gas or electric streetlights, no sir, not unless there were clouds and such. Finally, someone’s listened, and developed Lunar-Resonant Streetlights, which use LED lamps that adjust lighting as necessary based on the available moonlight. Energy savings would be significant, up to 95%. We’ll just have to se if/when they move beyond he conceptual read more

USB Vendor Outdoes Itself in Creating Lamest Device

If I didn’t know better, I’d think there was a contest amongst USB manufacturers over who could make the worst possible product. These guys are in the lead so far, I imagine, with their USB-powered necktie fan. Pay me enough money, I might use this in the office, but then again, I work at home, so that’s not saying a lot.
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