Month: June 2007

Microsoft Utilizes It’s “Software Plus Services” strategy

Microsoft attempts to expand into the Internet to give a fully rounded system to its customers. The company will offer online services including e-mail and Web search under its Windows Live brand, as well test versions of two new free services: Windows Live Folders and Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Windows Live Photo Gallery is a new version of the photo application found on Microsoft’s two most recent operating systems, Windows XP and Windows Vista. It simplifies how people can share photos on read more

SolidAlliance USB Engine Sidelights as Gas-Powered Generator

SolidAlliance USB Engine Sidelights as Gas-Powered Generator

Posted on June 26, 2007 at 3:24 pm (PST)

Nine New Budget Friendly Cameras

Miniature RC Plane

Can’t go outside and you still want to play "Airplane"? Fly this little bugger inside!
Megatech International’s Avion is a miniature, 7.5-inch wingspan RC plane. Featuring the Spectrum-Link Optic-Control (which uses "Stereoscopic range finding" for tracking, similar to human eyes), the Avion supposedly can glide and twist through small indoor spaces.
I see 10-year-olds dive-bombing their siblings.
Megatech Avion
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Jack & Meg USB Flash Drives

The White Stripes have released their sixth album in Germany entitled Icky Thump. With new albums, comes new trinkets. In particular, the Jack & Meg USB Flash Drive Set. The top part of their "heads" is actually a cap that reveals the USB port. The flash drives are Mac and Windows compatible (bonus!) and has a 512-megabyte drive. Each drive comes with a copy of the album and is available as a set, or separately. And it is, of course, limited addition, so if you want it, get it now!
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Oven/eye cleaner?

Most technological breakthroughs include serious study, experimentation and hard work. Yet, sometimes all it takes is a little oven cleaner – err…luck.
Sudipta Seal at the University of Central Florida in Orlando was testing cerium oxide nanoparticles, or nanoceria, for use as a catalyst to remove grime from oven walls, when he realised they might have medical applications. "Before using any nanoparticles we have to check for toxicity," he says. Surprisingly, not only did nanoceria read more

Google Street View: Cool or Creepy?

Google Street View: Cool or Creepy?

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