Month: May 2007

Stealth Motorcycle for Quiet Rebels

The Stealth Motorcycle is a lithium ion powered beast. Well, maybe not beast…maybe more of a beast jr. or beast cub. Because any motorcycle that can’t top 50mph is just a moped in our book. While I love the concept and even like the design, I shuddered when the word "chopper" was used to describe a virtually silent motorcycle. Let’s get this baby up to 88 miles per hour then maybe we’ll talk.

My preference is the electric-powered all lithium ion battery Tesla Roadster is capable read more

Robotic Patient Assists Medical Education

As if treating a mannequin that can bleed and even flat line on you wasn’t stressful enough, researchers at Gifu University’s Graduate School of Medicine are hoping to make your residency even harder to manage. A newfangled robotic dummy packs a potent artificial brain, as it can reportedly "respond verbally to questions about how it feels and move its body in ways that exhibit the symptoms of its ailment." The current prototype is modeled after a female who honestly looks to have read more

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