YouTube Goes Widescreen – Bigger Equals Better

youtube widescreen YouTube Goes Widescreen   Bigger Equals Better

YouTube announced a bigger YouTube player yesterday. The company decided to expand the width of the page to 960 pixels in order to help suit the redesigned video screen. The widescreen aspect ratio is now 16:9 instead of the previous 4:3 aspect ratio. According to the site, regular video will still act and look the same as before. I’m definitely digging the new look!

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YouTube Live Celebration Being Held Today at 5 PM – Many Performers Scheduled to Appear

youtube live celebration YouTube Live Celebration Being Held Today at 5 PM   Many Performers Scheduled to Appear

Today at 5 PM, Youtube will be showcasing its first live stream as it broadcasts a YouTube Live celebration. The feed comes from San Francisco and will be streamed in its entirety.

Performers scheduled to appear include Katy Perry, Joe Satriani, and the guys from Mythbusters.

Youtube has yet to issue any formal announcements regarding a livestreaming service like those available via services such as Ustream and Stickam. Expect an announcement of the sort sometime after the celebration.

Chris Di Cesare of YouTube says the event may be the first of a series of annual live-streamed concerts that celebrate the year in viral videos. Sort of like an Oscars celebration, or the season finale of "America’s Funniest Home Videos." Watch a preview video for the event below:

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Barack Obama Plans to Conduct Weekly Chats Via Youtube

barack obama youtube Barack Obama Plans to Conduct Weekly Chats Via Youtube

In a Web 2.0 update of FDR’s famous fireside chats, President-Elect Barack Obama has pledged to film weekly chats that can be viewed on the Youtube video streaming service. This comes as no surprise, given that during his campaign he uploaded over 1,100 videos and racked up over 110 million views. The talks will also go out over the radio.

In addition to the weekly addresses, cabinet members and policy experts will be holding Q&As and video interviews at Obama will release his first chat, which is expected to cover the transition, next week.

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MGM Plans to Put Full-Length Feature Movies on Youtube

mgm youtube MGM Plans to Put Full Length Feature Movies on Youtube

MGM has announced it will be putting up full-length movies from its archive on to Youtube. First, the company will test the waters by putting up full-length TV shows. Old episodes of American Gladiators will be the first to hit Youtube, followed by a limited collection of movies including "Bulletproof Monk" and "The Magnificent Seven."

MGM will be making money by allowing the full-length features to be ad-supported. In time, MGM plans on releasing most of their archive on the popular video streaming site.

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Flannel Boxers?!

nintendo patent lawsuit wiimote Flannel Boxers?!

Brace yourselves – this guy in the picture doesn’t have pants on, GASP! Who wears flannel boxers anyway? Apparently Pat Connelly (above) does. He is , an ex-Midway employee, who is taking Nintendo to court.  A YouTube video up showing a Pat demonstrating something astoundingly similar to a Wiimote / Nunchuck… eight years ago. His demo shows his hacked-together controllers providing a surprisingly-responsive interface for a bit of Ready 2 Rumble Boxing on the Dreamcast. Connelly, says that he has had no formal involvement with the Wii, but holds the related patents and is taking Nintendo to the BANK.

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