Easy Wi-Fi for AT&T for iPhone

easy iphone wifi Easy Wi Fi for AT&T for iPhone

Devicescape has released a free iPhone connection tool app called Easy Wi-Fi for AT&T, which allows US iPhone subscribers to login easily to WiFi without having to use the SMS-based access system. Once the app is installed all you enter is your iPhone telephone number, then touch a big button to login.

Devicescape is offering Easy Wi-Fi for AT&T at no cost through the App Store until Friday, December 5, after which the cost will be $1.99.

The software can be unlocked at no cost to work like the company’s full-fledged Easy Wi-Fi software (otherwise $1.99), with automated logins to several hundred WiFi hotspot networks worldwide. After installing Easy Wi-Fi for AT&T, follow a link in the application’s configuration screen to register a free account on Devicescape’s servers.

Devicescape plans other operator-specific iPhone connection applications, too. Company head Dave Fraser said:

"Part of our Easy Wi-Fi for handsets strategy is to really focus on these operator-locked clients, so this AT&T version is actually our first example of one of those, but there are about four others that have already been submitted to the App Store approval nightmare."

Future apps from Devicescape, as well as Easy Wi-Fi for AT&T, hide the backend login details from the user to facilitate ease of use. We’re all for easy, but we also like free when we can get it.

Click here to download the app.

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FCC Plans Free WiFi for Everyone

free wifi zone FCC Plans Free WiFi for Everyone

Outgoing Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin is pushing for action in December on a plan to offer free, pornography-free wireless Internet service to all Americans, despite objections from the wireless industry and some consumer groups.

The FCC plans to auction off a chunk of airwaves for the free wireless Internet service. The winning bidder would be required to set aside a quarter of the airwaves for a free Internet service. The winner could establish a paid service that would have a fast wireless Internet connection. The free service could be slower and would be required to filter out pornography and other material not suitable for children.

The plans seems to have some drawbacks, such as how will the free Internet service be paid for? Ads perhaps? A better plan would be to offer free spectrum to small companies offering fast wireless Internet service, so those companies can compete with larger companies who have yet to roll out FAST wireless Internet service to the public. Those big companies are still sitting on large chunks of spectrum that cost them billions of dollars in some case.

If the FCC continues to do business only with large businesses who can afford to pay billions of dollars for spectrum, then the people who need affordable Internet service may never get it.

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Clarion Releases ClarionMiND MID in the US for $649.99

clarionmind mid Clarion Releases ClarionMiND MID in the US for $649.99

Clarion’s MiND mobile internet device is finally set to launch. As promised, it is November and the device is available. It comes in black, red or white hues. The MID boasts a 4.8-inch WVGA (800 x 480) touchscreen. It comes preloaded with maps of the entire US and Canada, RealPlayer, Linux OS, an Intel Atom CPU, 512MB of RAM, a 4GB SSD, Firefox browser, Bluetooth 2.0 / WiFi, a microSD card slot, 2 USB ports and a battery good for 1.5-hours of usage. Phew. The unit is pricey though, coming in at $649.99. Full-fledged netbooks are cheaper than that. Still, it is convenient for sure. Check a presentation video below:

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Hello Kitty Netbook Out Now – Cute and Expensive

hellokitty netbook Hello Kitty Netbook Out Now   Cute and Expensive

In case you were wondering, Sanrio’s Hello Kitty will not be sitting out the netbook wars. Enter the Hello Kitty-branded netbook. The adorable feline’s first-ever netbook is actually quite the looker. It’s packing the usual 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 CPU. The unit also sports 1GB DDR2 SDRAM, a 954 GSE Express chipset and a 120GB hard drive. The screen is your standard 10.1-inches and the cute computer also has two USB ports, a 1.3 megapixel webcam and WiFi.

It’s available now and costs $890. That Hello Kitty logo is expensive. Watch a Hello Kitty movie below to charm you into spending that extra $450 or so:

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ASUS Releases Touchscreen Desktop Computer Tomorrow in Taiwan

11 2 08 asus eee top ASUS Releases Touchscreen Desktop Computer Tomorrow in Taiwan

ASUS is releasing their 15.6-inch touchscreen EEE Top computer tomorrow in Taipei. ASUS will release the unit at a formal press conference. The unit has a 15.6-inch touchscreen LCD, a 160GB hard disk, 802.11.n WiFi, some 4-watt speakers, and a 1.3 megapixel webcam. The Top runs on a 1.6GHz Atom N270 processor. It also sports an ATI HD3450 graphics card. ASUS has yet to release pricing and when the unit will be available in other countries than Taiwan. Sources speculate it will cost around $499.

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