Google Chrome Frame Works Around Stubborn Microsoft

On Tuesday Google introduced Google Chrome Frame that is an open source plug-in that bring HTML5, and other open web technologies to Internet Explorer.

With Google Chrome Frame, developers can now take advantage of the latest open web technologies, even in Internet Explorer. From a faster Javascript engine, to support for current web technologies like HTML5’s offline capabilities and <canvas>, to modern CSS/Layout handling, Google Chrome Frame enables these features within IE with no additional coding or testing for different browser versions.

To start using Google Chrome Frame, all developers need to do is to add a single tag:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="chrome=1">

When Google Chrome Frame detects this tag it switches automatically to using Google Chrome’s speedy WebKit-based rendering engine. It’s that easy. For users, installing Google Chrome Frame will allow them to seamlessly enjoy modern web apps at blazing speeds, through the familiar interface of the version of IE that they are currently using.

For WordPress users there is a plug-in that helps with Google Chrome Frame integration, which really isn’t necessary since it’s easy to simply add the tag above.

Herein lies the problem. Web site visitors are redirected from the web site homepage to a plug-in download page. Most people won’t have a clue what Google Chrome Frame is, so they’ll be unlikely to download and install something they know nothing about.

Even though the Google Chrome web browser is faster than Internet Explorer, most people continue to use the slower Internet Explorer because they are familiar with it. For most people easier is better.

If Google really wants to get people to adopt new technologies to improve the Internet, they’ll need to convince companies like Microsoft to move ahead at the speed of technology. Since Microsoft is so reluctant to do anything "open source" Google is having a tough time, so they are appealing to developers (documentation here), and Internet surfers to pressure Microsoft, or work around Microsoft by trying to get a grass roots ground swell of support from developers and Internet surfers.

Microsoft is also introducing their own header tags for developers to add to their websites to be able to continue to have Internet Explorer 8 render their web sites in Internet Explorer 7 mode.

We want to see push technology that makes web site development easier for developers, so their web sites will render properly in any web browser using web hooks in their web site.

It seems unlikely that a web site owner will risk alienating their readers by redirecting them to a plug-in install page that they must install to view the web site. While we think Google Chrome Frame is a great idea, how it is integrated into an Internet surfer’s life will decide if this project succeeds or fails.

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  • Horia Dragomir
    I\'ve been pondering how obtrusive the pop-up really is; the redirect, as well. I\'m thinking of extending the plugin so that ...

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Israeli Candidate Copies Barack Obama Presidential Website – Nobody Cares

barack obama israeli copy website Israeli Candidate Copies Barack Obama Presidential Website   Nobody Cares

The campaign website of Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu, who is running for Prime Minister of Israel, is eerily similar to Obama’s campaign site. Take a look for yourself above. Everything seems to have been copied, from the color scheme to the donation areas to the integration of social networking platforms. Nobody on Netanyahu’s camp seems to be denying it, also. Let’s see if it the Israeli copy can repeat it’s American political box office gold.

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Craigslist Cracks Down on Erotic Services by Charging for Posting

craigslist Craigslist Cracks Down on Erotic Services by Charging for Posting

Craigslist has responded to pressure from 40 state attorneys to regulate the ads posted in their erotic services section. From now on, according to CEO Jim Buckmaster, the site will require a valid phone and credit card number in order to post in the section. The credit card will then be charged a small fee. The official justification for this is to help eliminate human trafficking, in particular that of children. The changes are already in effect. No other section of the site has been changed, however.

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Adult social networking site Zivity lays off 1/3 of staff

zivity Adult social networking site Zivity lays off 1/3 of staff

Zivity, aka "Myspace for porn addicts", has recently laid off a full 1/3rd of it’s staff. Who says the sex industry is recession proof? Wait, has anyone ever said that? It’s not as if the site employs thousands of people though. They cut back from 22 employees to 14.

The adult social networking site describes itself as a "community-powered showcase of female beauty.” This means you make a profile and then use it to gawk at girls when you should be getting something productive done. So, almost exactly like Myspace/Facebook then.

All doesn’t look bleak for the site though. They’ve secured 8 million in capitol and they recently hired Napster’s Jordan Ritter as their CTO. The site is still in private beta, however. Look for it to go public in the first quarter of 2009.

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US Xbox 360 Website

8 5 07 xbox360repair US Xbox 360 Website

Microsoft has launched a new website for US Xbox 360 owners to track, in detail, the process of sending your Xbox 360 in for repair.

US console owners can register a box, attach a Windows Live ID, schedule a repair and track the repair status. The site will also keep keep tabs on your warranty as well as give you $5 credit towards an "Out-of-Warranty" repair just for signing up.

Anything that improves customer service is a positive thing.

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