Family Guy Windows 7 Microsoft Promotion Videos

family guy windows 7 promotion video Family Guy Windows 7 Microsoft Promotion Videos

Microsoft had contracted Family Guy to make some funny Windows 7 promotional video clips, but after the show did a more than usual controversial show that Microsoft execs attended, they decided the show’s values were not consistent with Microsoft’s Windows brand.

Microsoft did publish the four video tape clips on their YouTube Windows channel.

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Microsoft Windows 7 Hosting Party Spoof Video

A site called House Party made some videos promoting the use of Microsoft Windows 7 to host parties.

Yes, this is a real video that encourages people to have a party to celebrate the launch of Windows 7, but hey, bring your own computer with Windows 7 installed.

The video above is the serious, and really boring video. The video below is the spoof, and yet not a spoof, because all they did is take a cut of the real video and bleep some parts to make it seem bad.

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Star Wars Versus Star Trek Video Hits the Internet – Fanboys Rejoice

star trek star wars Star Wars Versus Star Trek Video Hits the Internet   Fanboys Rejoice

What better way to celebrate the long weekend than with a video pitting the two most beloved science fiction franchises against one another in heated combat? No matter your allegiance, Star Trek or Star Wars, you’ll find a lot to like about this masterfully done video. Finally, fan boys on both side of the spectrum can declare a truce and enjoy the holiday season without malice or grief. You Battlestar Galactica fans are screwed, though.

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YouTube Goes Widescreen – Bigger Equals Better

youtube widescreen YouTube Goes Widescreen   Bigger Equals Better

YouTube announced a bigger YouTube player yesterday. The company decided to expand the width of the page to 960 pixels in order to help suit the redesigned video screen. The widescreen aspect ratio is now 16:9 instead of the previous 4:3 aspect ratio. According to the site, regular video will still act and look the same as before. I’m definitely digging the new look!

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Netflix and Tivo Announce Video-on-Demand Partnership

tivo netflix Netflix and Tivo Announce Video on Demand Partnership

Netflix and Tivo have finally announced the type of partnership that we have all been waiting for. You can now watch streaming video from Netflix directly on your Tivo. This improves on the year old partnership that only allowed for manipulation of your online queue from the Tivo.

Netflix, the largest online movie rental service, now offers their movie streaming on Netflix boxes, PCs, Macs, Tivo and Xbox360 (starting November 19th with update).

According to a Netflix Press Release:

"Subscribers to Netflix and TiVo are avid movie watchers and this combination gives them immediate access to all of the great content available through TiVo and the thousands of additional choices available to be streamed instantly from Netflix."

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DARPA Project to Develop Advanced Video Spy Tech

predator DARPA Project to Develop Advanced Video Spy Tech

In a $6.7 million deal with software company Kitware, a DARPA project will develop a method of "indexing and rapidly finding video from archived surveillance tapes."

According to a DARPA document:

"The U.S. military and intelligence communities have an ever increasing need to monitor live video feeds and search large volumes of archived video data for activities of interest due to the rapid growth in development and fielding of motion video systems."

This is like "Enemy of the State" meets "You Tube" in an effort to combat terrorism.

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Video demonstrates the forthcoming Asus Eee Top all-in-one PC

asus eee top sale Video demonstrates the forthcoming Asus Eee Top all in one PC

Asus like their PCs how I like my pizzas. With everything. Their new all-in-one PC ships later this year at the low price of $400. From the looks of the video below, it looks to be well worth it. The 15 inch nettop display has a simplified Windows interface with larger than usual icons so the computer illiterates among us can feel at home. It’s sort of like the "Reader’s Digest" of computers.

The unit also features Asus’s version of DeviceVM’s Splashtop technology which allows users to be surfing the web within seconds of booting up. Not bad. Those wasted boot-up minutes were beginning to add up.

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Flannel Boxers?!

nintendo patent lawsuit wiimote Flannel Boxers?!

Brace yourselves – this guy in the picture doesn’t have pants on, GASP! Who wears flannel boxers anyway? Apparently Pat Connelly (above) does. He is , an ex-Midway employee, who is taking Nintendo to court.  A YouTube video up showing a Pat demonstrating something astoundingly similar to a Wiimote / Nunchuck… eight years ago. His demo shows his hacked-together controllers providing a surprisingly-responsive interface for a bit of Ready 2 Rumble Boxing on the Dreamcast. Connelly, says that he has had no formal involvement with the Wii, but holds the related patents and is taking Nintendo to the BANK.

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Bond. James Bond.

untitled Bond. James Bond.

This sweet, shark looking gizmo is actually a WiFi-enabled, remotely-controlled robotic webcam called Rovio. This bad boy allows you to remotly survey your home or office remotly through streaming video and audio transmitted via the Internet to your cell phone, PC or video game console.

Are you kidding me? This is stuff straight out of James Bond

The WowWee Robotics’ Rovio retails for USD$299.

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Sanyo Xacti Reviewed

11 17 07 hd1000 Sanyo Xacti Reviewed

According to Trusted Reviews, this Sanyo Xacti has a great design, but does not live up to its claims.

Looking like a portable shaver or a Star Trek weapon, it is lightweight and can fit into a coat pocket. It features 720p HD video recording and 5-megapixel stills, but the image quality (IQ) is not the best.

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