Twitter Breaks


twitter design breaks Twitter Breaks

This morning Twitter was having some issues. It appears some pages are not loading the cascading style sheet, or images.

Simpler design or growing pains?

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Social Network Workout Plan


social network workout plan 1 Social Network Workout Plan

Patrick Moberg came up with a workout plan to help himself stay healthy while he indulges himself at some very popular social networking sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google reader, Flickr, and Digg. Here’s his plan:

I’ve recently found myself checking the following websites an unhealthy amount.

Every time you open a new tab to check out one of the following websites, stop. Get up from your computer and do the exercise associated with the site you were going to visit. After you complete the exercise, reward yourself by going to the website.

Burn some fat, not yo’ brain.

Add a treadmill, or a few walks around the block, to this plan and you’ll be a lot healthier. Here’s a challenge, only visit one of these sites if you can complete the exercise for each one before visiting the site again. Don’t forget to eat your protein to build muscle not lose it.

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Hacked Singing Big Mouth Billy Bass Fish Speaks Twitter Tweets – Video


hacked singing big mouth billy bass fish Hacked Singing Big Mouth Billy Bass Fish Speaks Twitter Tweets   Video

Dan Ross took an old singing Big Mouth Billy Bass fish, implanted an MBED chip, and added an SD card with .wav files to allow the fish to speak. That was kind of boring, so he came up with a different idea.

Dan’s new idea was to hook the fish up to an Ethernet cable, pull in Tweets from Twitter, and say the tweets out loud. Currently the fish is offline.

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Twitter Worm Spreading via Direct Messages


tweetie twitter worm Twitter Worm Spreading via Direct Messages

Hacked accounts on Twitter are send direct messages to users and stealing their login information. The scam is being accomplished with the use of a worm that uses a link, and a phishing scam to accomplish the evil deed.

Above is a screen shot of the direct message that entices people to click the link.

DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. The link take you to a fake Twitter login page where the hackers steal your login information. Once the hackers have your information they use your account to send out direct messages to all your Twitter friends.

If you see a message like the one above delete it. If you can’t login reset your password, and inform Twitter support.

This isn’t the first worm to hit Twitter. They are currently working to resolve this threat.

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HOW TO: Stalk Your Kids on Facebook and Twitter VIDEO


The Onion made a video all about overprotective parents who want to keep an eye on their kids by stalking them on Facebook and Twitter. Keep in mind the video is meant to be comedy, and yet it rings so true.

My favorite lines from the E-mom were:

“With the Facebook feature called tagging I can find out she is Jenny Longman just by scrolling over her … I can get a good enough idea of what she’s like just by looking at this trampy picture.”

And with Twitter, E-mom advises parents to pick a Twitter name with their kid’s college year and:

“just make sure that you spell everything wrong and swear alot.”

I’m starting to wonder how many parents are really posing as "friends" or "followers."

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