Google Acquisitions and Investments Map


google acquisitions and investments preview Google Acquisitions and Investments Map

Above is a map of the acquisitions and investments Google has made since 2001. Some of the companies you may have never heard of before, or since. (Note: Both images in this article can be clicked to enlarge)

One company of note on the list is AOL. In 2005, as AOL was on a steady free fall of subscriber losses for their Internet access services, Google invested $1 billion. AOL has had one investment after another to stay alive, and is currently owned by Time Warner. The AOL investment appears to have been a total loss.

On March 12, 2009 Tim Armstrong, who quit as Google Senior Vice President, was named Chairman and CEO of AOL, LLC. On May 28, 2009, Time Warner decided to cease operations with AOL, and to spin it off as an independent company once Google’s shares cease at the end of the fiscal year.

AOL took Google’s money, and ran with it as it has with so many other investments over the years to stay alive. Google now has nothing to show for their $1 billion investment. At the time, it seems, the AOL investment may have just been an anti-Microsoft move, and not a smart business move. Google has learned from this bad experience, at least we think so.

As for Microsoft, they’ve invested in Apple, before the big iPod boom, and Facebook, just as their growth exploded.

aol subscriber losses 2001 2009 preview Google Acquisitions and Investments Map

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Google Back on the Road to High Stock Values


google stock chart history Google Back on the Road to High Stock Values

Over the past year Google has weathered a recession, and the loss of former sales boss Tim Armstrong, who is now the CEO of AOL.

In case you trade stock here’s a special note. Merriman Curhan Ford analyst Richard Fetyko, initiated coverage of Google (goog) with a SELL rating on November 21, 2008 when the stock was trading at $260, just days before the stock’s 52-week low. Since then, shares have more than doubled. Fetyko did upgrade the stock to "neutral" when it reached $328 and a "buy" when the stock price reached $342.

If the DoubleClick Ad Exchange boosts profits as Google hopes, the stock could reach new highs over the next 2 years.

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