Gaze-controlled Robot Gets a Video Demo


gaze controlled bot 11 27 08 Gaze controlled Robot Gets a Video Demo

The future is upon us. Researchers from the Technical University of Denmark and the IT University of Copenhagen have created a sight-controlled robot. The bot is based around a LEGO NXT-G kit. It gets paired with a webcam and a laptop that’s connected to the robot via bluetooth. Then the magic happens.

The robot uses an eye-tracking system that allows users to control the robot simply by looking in certain directions. As you can see from the video below, it works surprisingly well. The researchers hope to eventually use the technology to help wheelchair-bound patients.

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Bond. James Bond.


untitled Bond. James Bond.

This sweet, shark looking gizmo is actually a WiFi-enabled, remotely-controlled robotic webcam called Rovio. This bad boy allows you to remotly survey your home or office remotly through streaming video and audio transmitted via the Internet to your cell phone, PC or video game console.

Are you kidding me? This is stuff straight out of James Bond

The WowWee Robotics’ Rovio retails for USD$299.

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DIY Robot Head


30 dollar android DIY Robot Head

Longing for a robot but don’t have the green? Build yourself this $30 Android that can talk, as well as open and close applications, and who knows what else. Check the video.

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Robot Theme Parks


11 13 07 robotcity Robot Theme Parks

South Korea is planning two robot theme parks by 2013 – one in Incheon and the other in Seoul. The Commerce Ministry "announced a proposal to build two parks by 2013 for $1.6 billion" but there seems to be a bit of red tape (isn’t there always?).

If you can’t build them there, bring them to Kansas. I am sure we can fit a Wizard of Oz theme in here somewhere.

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Galileo Robot


11 13 07 galileo treadbot Galileo Robot

The Galileo robot can handle anything in its way. It has two large wheels covered by stretchy treads flanking its body, but also uses tread extenders to change their shape. With the help of a stabilizing tail, the robot can scale all kinds of terrain from hills to stairs to cinder blocks.

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