Enter the Nokia N96 Dragon Phone

nokia n96 bruce lee chuck Enter the Nokia N96 Dragon Phone

Nokia has aimed to please Martial Arts fans worldwide with the release of their Bruce Lee edition of the Nokia N96 smartphone. The phone has a picture of Bruce Lee on the back along with his signature. The phone also comes bundled with a bunch of rare photos of the Dragon as well as accessories and best of all, a Bruce Lee doll.

nokia n96 bruce lee accessories Enter the Nokia N96 Dragon Phone

The Bruce Lee Nokia N96 retails for $1286. Check out the awesome promotional video!

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Opentable Mobile Lets you Make Reservations from your Phone

open table Opentable Mobile Lets you Make Reservations from your Phone

OpenTable has just released a mobile version for phones that will let you make reservations from your phone’s browser. For those of you that don’t know, OpenTable is a website that allows you to make reservations at select restaurants via the internet without the need for human interaction.

Apparently during the OpenTable Mobile Beta trial, the company found that people preferred a mobile website over mobile application for making reservations.

Start making reservations at your favorite restaurant here.

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Bond. James Bond.

untitled Bond. James Bond.

This sweet, shark looking gizmo is actually a WiFi-enabled, remotely-controlled robotic webcam called Rovio. This bad boy allows you to remotly survey your home or office remotly through streaming video and audio transmitted via the Internet to your cell phone, PC or video game console.

Are you kidding me? This is stuff straight out of James Bond

The WowWee Robotics’ Rovio retails for USD$299.

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Neonode concept gadgets

body electrics Neonode concept gadgets

It was this concept art that drew me into the Neonode exhibit, and i have to admit, the concept art is super cool. These guys are taking trends to new extremes.

Neonode is also demoing a cellphone that they’re going to release commercially in summer of this year, called the N2. It’s smaller than a credit card and weighs only 60 grams. The nterface is a 176×220 touchscreen (which is all the rage now, of course) but unlike the iPhone, the touchscreen of the N2 is not heat dependent, so it’ll work if you’ve got gloves on. Look for it this summer, but they’re not saying what network yet.

thanks Evan for the info

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Internet Radio on the iphone.

1 7 08 flytunes Internet Radio on the iphone.

Internet Radio is super cool, my favorite is Pandora. Anyways,  FlyTunes is simply a web application accessible via Safari, which allows users to customize stations on their PC / Mac and then login and listen from the phone. Pretty sweet for you iphone junkies.

Oh yeah, did i mention the service is free?

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