Microsoft Security Essentials Includes SpyNet Spyware

microsoft security essentials Microsoft Security Essentials Includes SpyNet Spyware

A few days ago Microsoft released their free anti-virus software called Microsoft Security Essentials, which is replacing Windows Defender.

Microsoft says Security Essentials provides real-time protection for your home PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software, but it is Security Essentials itself that contains spyware. Read on, I’ll explain. This is a must read for anyone concerned about their privacy.

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  • TheGooch
    The Spynet component of MSE was pretty much the only piece written in-house from scratch and not ported over from ...
  • Manos Meletiou
    Is it microsoft\'s spynet that bothers about privacy matters???You mean that if it was not spynet we all are absolutely ...

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Twitter Worm Spreading via Direct Messages

tweetie twitter worm Twitter Worm Spreading via Direct Messages

Hacked accounts on Twitter are send direct messages to users and stealing their login information. The scam is being accomplished with the use of a worm that uses a link, and a phishing scam to accomplish the evil deed.

Above is a screen shot of the direct message that entices people to click the link.

DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. The link take you to a fake Twitter login page where the hackers steal your login information. Once the hackers have your information they use your account to send out direct messages to all your Twitter friends.

If you see a message like the one above delete it. If you can’t login reset your password, and inform Twitter support.

This isn’t the first worm to hit Twitter. They are currently working to resolve this threat.

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