Google Patents Search Box With Two Buttons


google search box page patent Google Patents Search Box With Two Buttons

Back in 2004 Google submitted a single illustration of their homepage, of which the main component is a search box with two submit buttons below it, and a few text links.

On September 1, 2009 Google received their search page patent from the United States Patent Office. Technically Google has patented their homepage as a web "graphical user interface," for which they now have a patent to exclusively use that design. Google also submitted an application for the design of their search results in 2004, and that patent was issued in 2006. It would seem Google intended to license out the use of their patent to other search engines, namely Yahoo, but just ahead of the patent license approval some search engines have change their design to steer clear of the infringing on Google’s patent.

There is a long history behind the story of Google’s design patent filings. It all begins with Overture.

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