AMP UP Before You Score iPhone App


AMP has created an App for the iPhone and iPod Touch called Before You Score (or B4 U Score), which is about as useful for a single guy as the Weather App.

The new App helps guys understand 24 female personality types before they talk to them, and has live feeds and news. It’s a pocket guide to picking up girls. Fun!

Click here to download the AMP App.

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Bionic Eye app for the iPhone 3GS with Augmented Reality


Bionic Eye is an App developed for the iPhone 3GS by Dutch startup Layar. The app allows you to visualize nearby points of interest. The POI database is currently at 100,000, but the next version, coming soon, promises more POI, and faster loading.

Bionic Eye does not require any network connection, but it will work on the iPhone and iPod Touch with some functionality limited for older firmware.

The versions available are listed below by country:

Bionic Eye USA
Bionic Eye UK
Bionic Eye France
Bionic Eye Tokyo

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