AMP UP Before You Score iPhone App

AMP has created an App for the iPhone and iPod Touch called Before You Score (or B4 U Score), which is about as useful for a single guy as the Weather App.

The new App helps guys understand 24 female personality types before they talk to them, and has live feeds and news. It’s a pocket guide to picking up girls. Fun!

Click here to download the AMP App.

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Bionic Eye app for the iPhone 3GS with Augmented Reality

Bionic Eye is an App developed for the iPhone 3GS by Dutch startup Layar. The app allows you to visualize nearby points of interest. The POI database is currently at 100,000, but the next version, coming soon, promises more POI, and faster loading.

Bionic Eye does not require any network connection, but it will work on the iPhone and iPod Touch with some functionality limited for older firmware.

The versions available are listed below by country:

Bionic Eye USA
Bionic Eye UK
Bionic Eye France
Bionic Eye Tokyo

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Top Ten iPhone Apps

top free apple iphone applications Top Ten iPhone Apps

Apple has released it’s list of free and paid iPhone and iPod Touch apps downloaded from the iTunes Store, which recently hit a 10,000 app milestone. The list is below:

Top Paid Apps (Overall):
1. Koi Pond
2. Texas Hold’em
3. Moto Chaser
4. Crash Bandicoot: Nitro Kart 3d
5. Super Monkey Ball
6. Cro-Mag Rally
7. Enigmo (Pangea)
8. Pocket Guitar
9. Recorder
10. iBeer

Top 10 Free Downloads (Overall)
1. Pandora Radio
2. Facebook
3. Tap Tap Revenge
4. Shazam
5. Labryinth Lite Edition
6. Remote
7. Google Earth
8. Lightsaber Unleashed
9. AIM
10. Urban Spoon

Top Paid Games:
1. Texas Hold’em
2. Moto Chaser
3. Crash Bandicoot: Nitro Kart 3d
4. Super Monkey Ball
5. Cro-Mag Rally
6. Enigmo
7. Air Hockey
8. Bejeweled 2
9. Flick Bowling
10. Line Rider iRide

Top Free Games:
1. Tap Tap Revenge
2. Labrynth Lite Edition
3. Sol Free Solitaire
4. iBowl
5. Pac-Man Lite
6. Touch Hockey:FS5
7. Cannon Challenge
8. Audi A4 Driving Challenge
9. Sudoku
10. reMovem

Top Paid Entertainment:
1. Koi Pond
2. iBeer
3. iChalky
4. Face Melter
5. iFish
6. TouchScan
7. What’s on TV?
8. Pocket Piano
9. Sketches
10. OneTap Movies

Top Free Entertainment:
1. Remote
2. Lightsaber Unleashed
3. i.TV
4. BubbleWrap
5. Movies
6. iDoodle 2 lite
7. Showtimes
8. Now Playing
9. Scribble
10. Crazy Pumpkin

Top Paid Utilities:
1. Units (crossroad solutions)
2. A Level
3. Air Mouse
4. Fake Calls
5. Voice Record
6. Clinometer
7. Spell Check
8. Speed Dial
9. FileMagnet
10. iNetwork Speed Test

Top Free Utilities:
1. Flashlight
2. myLite Flashlight
3. Say Who – Dialer
4. Units (TheMacBox)
5. Compass Free
6. Alarm Free
7. A Free Level
8. Molecules
9. Speed Test
10. myLighter

Top Paid Social Networking:
1. MobileChat
2. BeejiveIM
3. Quip
4. Rooms – Your Mobile Chat Client
5. Twitterific Premium
6. Flutter
7. Twittelator Pro
8. mBoxMail
9. Secrets
10. hiCard – Suite

Top Free Social Networking:
1. Facebook
2. AIM
3. Myspace Mobile
4. IM+ Lite
5. Loopt
6. Fring
7. Palringo IM
8. Earthscape
9. Twitterific
10. Avatar

Top Paid Music:
1. PocketGuitar
2. Drum Kit
3. Ocarina
4. Pianist
5. Band
6. Tuner Internet Radio
7. Beat Maker
8. Guitar Toolkit
9. Harmonica
10. Guitarist

Top Free Music:
1. Pandora Radio
2. Shazam
3. AOL Radio
4. Midomi
5. Mini Piano
6. iheart Radio
7. MixMeister Scratch
8. FlyCast Mobile Radio
9. Last.FM
10. DigiDrummer Lite

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Joost Introduces iPhone App That Streams Videos and Movies

joost iphone app Joost Introduces iPhone App That Streams Videos and Movies

Joost may have lost the online video war to Hulu a while ago, but they may have won the battle to bring the format to iPhones. The company has released a new iPhone app which streams over 46,000 videos for free, including full movies such as Men in Black and Starship Troopers.

Reviewers indicate that the app crashes more often than they’d like, and the navigation UI is a bit wonky. Still, having 46,000 movies at your fingertips wherever you are at any time is enough to deal with early version bugs. The app is out now and best of all, it’s free. What are you waiting for?

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Introducing DuIphone – iPhone App that Measures Breath for Alcohol Content

dui duiphone iphone Introducing DuIphone   iPhone App that Measures Breath for Alcohol Content

There is a new Breathalyzer iPhone app in the neighborhood, DuiPhone. The cleverly named hack measures the alcohol content in your breath to see if you are sober enough to drive. This can also be told without the use of an iPhone app by if the room is spinning or not.

Also, by hack we don’t mean your usual "tinker with some code" type thing. You have to literally affix a Breathalyzer to the back of your iPhone. If you have that kind of time on your hands, and you are an alcoholic, this might be a match made in drunken heaven. Check the video below:

Latest comments by:

  • Glenn Medway
    Wow!!! That was wonderfully wacky. You guys are terrific. If this thing really works (and I sure hope there is ...

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