Google Launches DoubleClick Ad Exchange Network


google doubleclick ad exchange 1 Google Launches DoubleClick Ad Exchange Network

Google has just launched their DoubleClick Ad Exchange which brings together all types of display ad buyers and sellers, as well as AdWords, and delivers those ads to AdSense publisher web sites.

Through the new DoubleClick Ad Exchange big-time and small-time advertisers can now buy targeted display ads on thousands of DoubleClick ad-serving websites, which could boost Google’s revenue, and hurt Yahoo in the display adverting market.

Traditionally, publishers and advertisers using Google’s AdSense and AdWords products would have to manually plan their display ad campaigns. Now, publishers can tap into Google’s ecosystem for ads where prices are set in a real-time auction and advertisers can access a large pool of inventory within one platform.

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EBay Relies Heavily On Google


logoebay x45 EBay Relies Heavily On Google

Even though eBay is heavily supported by Google’s services, eBay removes Google Adwords advertising due to Google overly promoting its Checkout online payment service to EBay’s PayPal customers.

EBay gets as much as 20% of its traffic from Google, so without Google, eBay could possibly see a decline in new customers. However, eBay could have enough publicity on its own to possibly survive their decision.

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