Translate RSS News Feed in Google Reader


If there are RSS news feeds you would like to subscribe to, and read, but they are written in a foreign language you don’t understand, there is a way to automatically translate those news feeds as you read them.

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Lazyfeed Online Feed Reader


Lazyfeed is a relatively new online feed reader service that is very similar to the Google Reader, except Lazyfeed doesn’t read feeds, it displays articles based on tags, or topics, you choose.

Today Lazyfeed announced support for both RSSCloud and PubSubHubBub protocols, allowing for real-time integration of Wordpress, Blogger, Typepad, and Feedburner content.

I tried it out, and it showed me articles that I wouldn’t ordinarily see in my normal feeds. The downside is Lazyfeed provides a ton of quantity, without the quality that a site specific feed readers provide.

On the upside, the freshest content shows up first if that is what you’re looking for, but once again on the downside the quality of that content may not be what you’re looking for.

Lazyfeed is worth a try, but it needs improvement to win me over.

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