Thieves Clean Out an Apple Store in 31 Seconds – Video

apple store robbery 1 Thieves Clean Out an Apple Store in 31 Seconds   Video

In Marlton, New Jersey thieves broke the store front window of an Apple store, then proceeded to steel 23 Macbook Pros, 14 iPhones, and 9 iPod Touches, all in 31 seconds.

The thieves fooled a security guard into thinking they had a gun in the security surveillance video obtained by WPVI-TV.

The loss was nearly $100,000 worth of merchandise that was on display. At the moment police have no idea who the thieves are because they all kept their faces covered.

This takes smash-and-grab to a whole new level.

Keep reading to see the video.

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The Evolution of Apple Products

This video presents a visual history of Apple products. While Steve Jobs was away from Apple, their products didn’t change much, but when he returned suddenly their products were innovative and colorful. We keep hearing Jobs is sick. Apple will be lost without him.

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Apple In-Ear Headphones Now Available

apple in ear headphones Apple In Ear Headphones Now Available

Although Apple promised to make their in-ear headphones available by October, it took until December for them to make it to store shelves. The earphones have in each ear-bud a woofer and tweeter, and they have a built-in remote and microphone, and can be used with the iPhone. For the asking price of $79 you even get a small, medium, and large set of silicone ear-bud tips.

Be warned however, reports in the past have said cranking the volume too loud can cause hearing damage.

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Joost Introduces iPhone App That Streams Videos and Movies

joost iphone app Joost Introduces iPhone App That Streams Videos and Movies

Joost may have lost the online video war to Hulu a while ago, but they may have won the battle to bring the format to iPhones. The company has released a new iPhone app which streams over 46,000 videos for free, including full movies such as Men in Black and Starship Troopers.

Reviewers indicate that the app crashes more often than they’d like, and the navigation UI is a bit wonky. Still, having 46,000 movies at your fingertips wherever you are at any time is enough to deal with early version bugs. The app is out now and best of all, it’s free. What are you waiting for?

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Linux Finally Ported to Apple iPhone and iPod Touch – Video

iphone linux Linux Finally Ported to Apple iPhone and iPod Touch   Video

Linux has finally been ported to the iPhone and iPod touch. Several independent developers have masterminded the project, bringing everyone’s favorite open-source OS to Apple’s handhelds. It may not offer any touchscreen drivers, sound or WiFi support, its still the first step to hack heaven.

The team also has dropped hints that they may be thinking about porting Android in the near future. Below is a video of how to get the OS going on your iPhone and yeah, thank us later. Happy holidays.


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