Google Rolls Out Themes for Gmail


google gmail themes Google Rolls Out Themes for Gmail

Google has once again impressed Gmail fans by rolling out themes allowing users to "pimp their email." This isn’t anything drastically new, users have been able to accomplish this "unofficially" through the use of Greasemonkey scripts, but it wasn’t until recently that Gmail allowed for this customization natively.

google gmail themes 2 Google Rolls Out Themes for Gmail

Gmail users will be able to customize and give their inboxes a little facelift by going to Settings -> Themes. Google launched 30 themes including a retro notepad theme, a nature theme that changes scenery over time and a weather theme that changes according to your local weather.

Google, as usual, will be rolling out the update in ’phases,’ so if you don’t have the ’Themes’ tab yet, you definitely will by the end of the day. Until then, enjoy the screenshot!

gmail desk theme Google Rolls Out Themes for Gmail

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Posted on November 20, 2008 at 4:55 am(PST)
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